My healthy Diet Plan Continued…

love-of-fruitsDay Three: Wednesday

To begin the day, again I had a homemade fresh smoothie with the same ingredients. The same for lunch again with the chicken and pasta salad. For dinner I had fried chicken with a jacket potato. A potato is a complex carbohydrate, making you feel fuller for longer. They contain no fat, unless you add butter of course. It contains vitamin A and C, a tiny amount of protein, sodium, fibre, calcium and iron. In addition to this, they contain phytonutrients which are organic components that come from plants and are known to promote health. Potatoes can also help lower blood pressure so would be a good option if you suffer from high blood pressure. It has been stated that the fibre found in potatoes could help lower cholesterol by binding with the cholesterol in the blood. It is then excreted. B6 vitamins are good for maintaining neurological health too. The chicken provides me with protein to repair my muscles after weight lifting in the gym. (Szalay, 2018)

As a snack I had an apple and I had a small packet of mini cookies. Considering I had been healthy for the week so far I figured that this small packet wouldn’t do me any harm. The apple provided me with pectin which is a soluble fibre. It is rich in many vitamins and I will be posting a blog post on all different vitamins and their roles. Pectin can reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. (Healing Ingredients, 2018)

Day Four: Thursday

So for breakfast I had an apple and an orange, the orange allows me to keep my level of vitamin C up. It also contains magnesium and potassium, another benefit. For lunch I had the same again, trying to be consistent. As a snack later on in the day I had some raspberries and a glass of apple juice. Raspberries maintain cardiovascular health which will help keep your body fit as well as being low in fat, so are a good snack if you are wanting to lose weight. If you suffer from inflammation around your body, raspberries can also help ease this. (Revolution, 2018)

For dinner I had a homemade tomato pasta bake with vegetables (peppers and cucumber). This contributes to my 5 a day. The pasta contains complex carbohydrates which will keep me fuller for longer so I don’t snack on chocolate and sweets. As a snack in the evening I had a cup of tea with a biscuit, again probably not the best but wouldn’t do me any harm. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, so if you drink both its better to choose tea. It also helps keep you hydrated. (Walker, 2018)

Day Five: Friday

This particular morning I had nothing for breakfast, I wasn’t that hungry at 07:30 in the morning so I didn’t eat anything when I got up. However this isn’t good for you and I will dedicate a future blog post to this and the importance of breakfast. For the next 3 weeks I will ensure I eat breakfast everyday and to continue afterwards. For lunch I changed it up a bit and had a ham salad sandwich. The salad contributes to my 5 a day and the ham is protein. However I did use white bread. I’m not a fan of brown bread at all so it had to be white bread. This obviously isn’t as good for you as brown bread as the flour in white bread is more highly processed. In summary, the germ and bran of the wheat grain are removed in the white bread. Whereas brown bread has the germ and bran still intact. Therefore it has more nutrients. So if you like brown bread, be sure to have this sandwich with it. And I will be sure to eat more brown bread myself. (Amidor, 2018)

As a snack I had natural yogurt, please see my previous diet plan post to learn the benefits of eating natural yogurt.

For dinner I had a plain bit of fried salmon. Fish is very good for you and it’s important to have it in your diet as it is high in Omega-3. It has the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fats aren’t bad regardless of the word ‘fats’. They are essential in our diet. It can also help with maintaining weight if you eat it regularly. Therefore if you often find your weight fluctuates then you should eat fish at least a few times a week. This is because it can maintain hormones that control your appetite. However I am not eating it for this reason, I am eating it purely to be healthy. (Spritzler, 2018)

Day Six: Saturday

For breakfast on Saturday I had a pint sized homemade smoothie. To help raise my blood sugar levels and prepare me for the day.

For lunch I had a light salad just consisting on lettuce, cucumber, peppers, rocket leaves, carrots, croutons and some brie topped with salad dressing. The salad is a light lunch. Brie is a cheese which maintains bone health. (5 Wonderful Benefits of Cheese, 2018)

For dinner I had homemade wedges, peas and cous cous. The wedges have the same benefits of a jacket potato mentioned previously. Peas are a vegetable and the cous cous contains selenium which is a natural antioxidant which fights toxin which are bad for you, increasing the health of your body. (Organicfacts, 2018)

I had a snack during the day of homemade granola. It is a lightweight snack or even breakfast, but filling. It can help you with weight loss so if you are in the overweight region on the BMI chart then granola is a good option for you. It contains lots of fibre which releases the symptoms of constipation. If you suffer from this a lot, then adding granola into your diet could help. Fibre also improves heart health by cleaning your arteries of LDL cholesterol. (9 Surprising Granola Benefits, 2018)

untitledDay Seven: Sunday

On Sunday I had an omelette for breakfast. The omelettes contains vegetables and eggs. Look out for a post based on the benefits of eggs. This is a filling breakfast for me and is a healthy way to start the day. I chose an omelette as it will keep me fuller for longer and on a Sunday I have a late lunch/early dinner of a roast.

The meat was pork, served with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli. Of course I had to have some gravy. I made sure all the fatty bits of meat were cut from the pork to reduce my fat intake. The vegetables were lightly seasoned. My protein for the day was the pork and my vegetables were my five a day. Broccoli being one of them with many benefits. It contains the following…

  • Vitamin K and C.
  • Fibre – Can help lower cholesterol.
  • Potassium – Mineral good for nerves and heart.
  • Folate- Helps with body cells.

(Health Benefits of Broccoli, 2018)

Mid evening came around and the early dinner had caused me to be slightly hungry so I made myself a small Herbalife healthy meal shake. The filled me up but isn’t highly calorific.

Over the course of the week I have consumed plenty of fluids as I have upped my exercise. My evaluation of my first week is too follow with my results. Will it be paying off? Keep your eyes pealed…

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